Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why Blogspot is Better Than WordPress For Blogging

When two of the best blogging platforms goes head to head, there could only be on winner. However, both Blogger (also known as Blogspot) and Wordpress are able to give superb experience for both new and experience writer. I had used both of them during my early days in blogging and I certainly feel Blogger has more advantages over Wordpress. In this article, I am
going to explain to you why blogging at Blogger is better compared to Wordpress in some ways which are:
  1. Monetization issue
  2. Easier indexation with search engines
  3. Customization ability and easy to use interfaces
Monetize your blog

When comes to money related issued, I would stick to Blogspot no matter what. As a writer, our source of income through ad programs and Blogspot is just that great at advertisement. When compared side by side, WordPress does not allow any advertisement source to be on the blog as long as you are using them. Of course, I cam truly understand that they want to make their site as rich as possible when t comes to content. However, in the point of view of an active (and nearly) and full time blogger, not being able to monetize my website is just an instant turned down for me.

Have some love from big daddy, Google

For some reason, blogs over at Blogger are easier to hit or getting indexed by Google. Maybe because Blogger is a part of Google company. Nonetheless, if your target is to make your blog busy and popular, you could easily get some ‘love’ boost from Google so to say. Some support is better than none right?

I would personally say that Blogger will be much better when comes to indexation (thanks Google) but do not leave out WordPress as at the end of the day, it actually boils down to who does a better writing, SEO and backlinks.
Which is easier to use?

This is a little tough to decide but I seriously think Blogger is easier to use. Well, I am not saying that WordPress is harder but WordPress certainly has its easy to customize features. However, when it comes to a new blogger, I strongly believe that having a few button settings will be easier for him or her. I will not go into customization as both WordPress and Blogger can be customized easily if we know what we are doing.


Blogger aka Blogspot will (in my honest opinion) will triumph over WordPress when it comes to simplicity, quicker indexing by search engines and even monetizing one’s blog. Still having some hard time deciding? Why don’t try out both for a month and see which will be better instead?

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