Wednesday, June 5, 2013

10 Top JDM Cars Of The World

We are going to be counting down my top ten classic, and maybe not so classic JDM cars for your viewing pleasure. I've taken the majority of my images from, so I figured it necessary to give them a little shout out.

So without further ado, lets get down to some sweet, sweet JDM.

10: Suzuki Cappucino

Kei cars are all the rage in Japan, being tiny cars with a hell of a lot of kick. The Cappuccino is a crazy little rear wheel drive car that's sort of like a Mazda MX5, but smaller. Cappuccinos define 'pocket rocket' - as agile as a bird, with the visuals reminiscent of something Spongebob Squarepants would drive.

9: Honda NSX

Nothing packs as much aggression as that angular snarl of the Honda NSX. The combination of curves with straight lines give this JDM ride a fierce, old-school Ferrari look. This particular model has also had the Sir Mixalot treatment, giving this badass NSX a hell of a lot of junk in it's trunk. I like big butts and I cannot lie...

8: Toyota TA22 Celica

These old Celicas look like little muscle cars ready to wheelie down the drag strip. Noone can deny the retro look it's classyness, but at the same time this TA22 Celica looks like it wouldn't wince when being chased offroad by some 80s sheriff. Jaw dropping stuff.

7: Datsun 510 Bluebird

It's the arches and stance of this Datsun that make it so special. But just look at how the lip overlaps that deep dish wheel... The arches are pretty much the only curves on the whole car which is why they're just so distracting. A real rarity too.

6: Nissan Cefiro

Is it VIP or is it Tuner? Well, by the looks of things it could be both. The Nissan Cefiro just oozes JDM what with that thick strip taillight and sleek square lines. I'm yet to see one of these whipped round the track sideways but it'd be sure to turn a few heads with that bulky size.

5: Toyota Soarer

Alright, this isn't your average Soarer, but finding this beauty completely changed my mind on the model. Generally, the Toyota Soarer seems a bit.. Massive. 3 Litre engine, over 9000 feet long etc. But they're just so classy looking when they're not dark green and rusty. As displayed here. Look at that front end! It's not too dissimilar from a Honda Integra, just with a touch of class.

4: Nissan Silvia S13

Cars are meant to be used, that's a given. But not many cars look so great after they've grinded a wall 14 times. That's where the Silvia S13 comes in. It looks fantastic with all those battle scars and gouges, yet still manages to pull off the refined look with those bored/angry looking headlights. Everyone knows what you've been up to too. Good conversation starter!

3: Nissan Skyline GTR

Nah, not the 2 Fast 2 Furious R34, we're talking classic GTR. Tell me you didn't dribble at the sight of that mint GTR. And with the modern touch of adding the black bonnet, mirrors, wheels and arches it's the best of both worlds. Overshadowed by its offspring but still packing as mean a punch as any R35, classic GTRs are JDM gold.

2: Toyota Trueno AE86

Everybody who knows drifting knows of the Trueno. It rose to cult status with the help of Initial D and it's iconic visual modesty, yet internal majesty. In many peoples' eyes the king of JDM, but just dropping short of my top JDM car. Come on, I couldn't be conventional after this list!

1: Mazda RX7 FC

Like the Trueno's good looking younger sister, this gorgeous street sleeper has all the right ingredients for JDM royalty status. Pop up headlights - check, Rear wheel drive - check, association with Japanese anime - check. One of the visually prettiest cars with rotary power to boot. Just listen to that engine idle. The best JDM car in town.

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